Would You Wear These? The Ugliest Shoes I Found On Fast Fashion Stores



I was searching the stores' websites to see the new products to prepare a new post for you when I found so many ugly shoes. I stopped preparing that post because I felt that all these pairs of shoes should not be ignored.

When it comes to shoes, I think that I'm open to different options. Maybe you won't see my wearing extravagant shoes but I don't say that one pair is ugly just because I would not wear it. But there are some shoes that no one knows why someone designed them and people spent resources to create them.

Today I show you some ugly shoes, really ugly. Shoes that we should not have to pay for them but people should pay us to wear them. I asked myself several times if receiving an amount equal to the price was enough for me to wear them and in most cases, the answer was no. 

On this kind of posts I usually ask you which ones are your favorites but, in this case, the real question is, which pair of shoes is the ugliest?



  1. Aquelas botas que parecem uma rede xD horríveis

  2. Também achei! Não percebo alguns destes sapatos, são das novas coleções mas parece que vieram do passado ahah
    Essas botas em particular lembram-me as Kardashian, custam mais de 100 euros e acho que nunca as usaria. E sao da Zara, porquê Zara???


Thank you for all your comments and support! I appreciate all the opinions that you give me, wether they are good or bad. I'm here to learn more and more everyday. I always answer your comments.

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