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about me ana vieira

Hi! My name is Ana Vieira and I'm a Portuguese girl. 

I have a bachelor in Economics and I'm currently taking a Master in Data Analytics. 

Since the early beginnings of blogs on the internet, I found myself fascinated with the possibility of sharing your thoughts and passions online. After years following my favorite bloggers and after some failed blogs, I decided to create this place in 2012. 
Since then, this blog was already called Run Your World and Coco Made Me Do This. 

Later, I decided it was time for a change and named it A Maria Rita. Here I talk about my passions, I talk about me. 

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Thank you for all your comments and support! I appreciate all the opinions that you give me, wether they are good or bad. I'm here to learn more and more everyday. I always answer your comments.

Hope you like my blog! xo


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